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Tasks Due September 8

Page history last edited by Air Dupaix 11 years, 3 months ago

Thomas Alva Edison (invention of kinetoscope; Actualities)

Writer: Tony


Auguste Lumière & Louis Lumière (interest in everyday life; shot almost all work outside; texture of life; sophisticated depth)

Writer: William

William Wants it. Lumiere Bros that is.


Georges Méliès (magician; optics, special effects; science fiction)

Writer: Nykki

Nykki will take on Méliès.


Trip to the Moon

Writer: Ian



Writer: Air


Edwin Porter

Writer: Kathryn



Writer: Sam


Technology of Cinema (all that early stuff)

Writer: Monty


Gunning, "Cinema of Attractions"

Writer: Jessica


We'll all read Gunning, "Cinema of Attractions"






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