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     The basis of Realism is to artistically capture real life. The goal for directors of Realism films in France was to capture every real aspect of life as perfectly honest and real as it is.These directors wanted to show what real life was, but as in all film it had to be poetic because this was art. Realism began as a way to show that life is not some romanticized thing, that someone else's life is no different than yours. The first film in Realism was made by the Lumière Brothers, and was called Workers Leaving the Lumiere Factory.The reason why this film was so realistic in life is because the film was exactly what it said in the title effectively capturing real life.


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Cinema Verite 


     Literally translated, cinema verite means "film truth." Starting in about 1960, directors of cinema verite were appearing. Everything in these films was shot on location with small handheld cameras so to be as unobtrusive as possible. It is related to The New Wave in this way because they were all tired of everything being fantasy and stories of extraordinary things.These films would be should with real people doing real everyday things on streets, buses, or wherever real life took place. The actors were normal people in unrehearsed situations. This kind of film is more is like a documentary as it wants to show the truthfulness of life. The directors want to show that man is just a man. They want everyone to realize that the world is just the world and there isn't anything spectacular going on. They want people to see the world as it is and maybe if they have a political agenda to see what is wrong and show them how to correct it. Although this type of Realism was meant to be as close to life as possible it was edited at the end to make a story flow.







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