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Old Front Page Material

Page history last edited by Sean Desilets 11 years, 7 months ago

Hey all. The Wiki is now frozen. It's been fun working with you this semester. I appreciate your participation in this experiment, and your patience as we worked out (most of) the kinks.


Remember: The wiki freezes at midnight on December 14. That's an absolute deadline.


Air's note: Hey guys I'm going through and fixing the format for pages, it looks scary I know but its all for the greater good. I am not messing with any text whatsoever so really there is no need to worry.


Ian's response to Air's note: Air, you are awesome.  Also, Nykki's page really is fantastic...as if anybody didn't know already.

Hey everyone, it's been great being in class with all of you. I've learned some interesting stuff this semester. Happy Holidays to all, Kathryn


Everybody go look at Nykki's Physical Metamorphosis in Howl's Moving Castle page. It is fantastic.




Pages that need a little TLC

Air: Cinema Novo


New Orginal Pages for 12.8

Ian: The Character of Narrative in Howl's Moving Castle 

Nykki: Physical Metamorphosis in Howl's Moving Castle

Sam: Western Qualities of Howl's Moving Castle

Tony: Disney & HMC

Air: Environmental Issues in Howl's Moving Castle

Kathryn: Anime


Major edits due 12.3.09

Ian: Dew article

Tony: "Dream sequence"

Air: BR version history

Kathryn:Depictions of the Future in film

Nykki: Film Noir in Audition

Sam: Lighting in Blade Runner


Pages Due 12.8.09

Miyazaki: Monty

Howl's Moving Castle: William

Environmental Issues in HMC: Air

Anime (Japanese animation): Kathryn

Physical metamorphosis in HMC: Nykki

Narrative structure: Ian

Disney's role in HMC: Tony

Western quality: Sam


New Original Pages for 12.1

Ian: Film Noir in Audition

Nykki: The "Dream Sequence" in Audition

Tony: Audition 

Air: 'Asia Extreme', Oliver Dew and Japanese Cinema

Kathryn:Gender Politics in Audition

Sam: Societal Commentary in Audition

Monty: Japanese Horror


New Original Pages for 11.17

Ian:Film Noir

Nykki: Lighting in Blade Runner

Air: The Replicants

Tony: Bladerunner: Version History

Will:The Portrayal of the Future, in Film

Sam: Allusions in Blade Runner

Kathryn: Desser Article

Monty: Blade Runner


Major edits due 11.19

Air: Cinema Novo

Ian: The Replicants

William: Lighting in Blade Runner

Tony: Film Noir

Nykki: Mise-en-Scene in 2001

Sam: Allusions in Blade Runner

Monty: Narrative analysis

Tony: Film Noir

Kathryn: Expressionist mise-en scene in Metropolis


New pages due 12.1

Tony: Audition

Ian: Editing in Audition

Kathryn: Gender politics in Audition

William: Miike

Air: Dew article

Monty: Japanese horror

Nykki: "Dream sequence"

Sam: Society/film



Major Edits Due Tonight:

Ian wrote his on Film Music

Sam wrote his on HAL

Nykki added to Interpretations of 2001

Air worked on 2001: A Space Odyssey

Monty: Fritz Lang

Tony: Color in The Holy Mountain

Crap! I forgot to post this here William did his on Color in The Holy Mountain




By the way, major edit and wiki maintenance grades for last week (11.6-11.12) are up.



We didn't talk about major edits that will be due for the 19th. Will somebody start a list?


Also, I forgot to mention that my intro to lit class is screening The Big Sleep today at 5:30 in Gore B24. It's one of the classic films of the noir period, and Blade Runner alludes to it. So feel free to come watch if you'd like.



Here's some reading on Miike.


And here's the publication information on the Blade Runner article:

Desser, David. "Blade Runner: Science Fiction and Transcendence." Literature/

Film Quarterly 13.3 (1985): 172-9.



I'll be holding my office hours in the Foster Faculty Lounge (main floor Foster Hall) on the morning of 11.10. We'lll be talking about Blade Runner Tuesday, so make sure you see it before then.



Wiki Maintenance and Major Edit grades are up for 10.30-11.5.



Some reading for next week here.



Major Edits Due Tonight:

Ian wrote his on Film Music

Sam wrote his on HAL

Nykki added to Interpretations of 2001

Air worked on 2001: A Space Odyssey

Monty: Fritz Lang

Tony: Color in The Holy Mountain

Crap! I forgot to post this here William did his on Color in The Holy Mountain


*Maintenance query from Nykki: Why is that creepy pic of Jodorowsky on 3 different pages? It doesn't seem too appropriate on all 3 pages-especially the Color in The Holy Mountain page, but I didn't want to delete a pic off another person's page. Anyone else find this a little weird? The same picture is on the color page and also Alejandro Jodorowsky (appropriate here) and Occult Symbolism in The Holy Mountain (not really sure if it's needed here...). Just thought I'd throw this up here.


*I think that the image that was previously there was that color collage, but the linked file must have changed.  I'll do my best to edit Jodorowsky's unsettling smile out of the pages.  Admittedly, this might be the most fantastic thing ever to happen on the wiki.- Ian 


*Must be Jodorowski asserting his mystical powers on us. -Sean


Major Edit ideas for Next week:

Air humbly begs permission to work on her Cinema Novo page.

*Have at it! -Nykki


Our new word: Jeezical; Jesucal



Ian did his on American Counterculture and The Holy Mountain

William wrote a page on Color in The Holy Mountain

Air's shiny new page: Cinema Novo

Monty: Color

Nykki new one: Narrative Analysis

Sam did The Holy Mountain

Tony did Occult Symbolism in The Holy Mountain

Kathryn:Alejandro Jodorowsky



New Pages due 11.17

Monty: Blade Runner

Kathryn: Desser Article

Air: The Replicants

Nykki: lighting in BR

Ian: film noir

Sam: Allusions in Blade Runner

Tony: Version history

William: representing the future


Monty: Just wondering if anyone else is having trouble with the reading,

     it doesn't want to open for me.


I see what you mean. Browsers don't seem to like it for some reason. Try right- or control-clicking and hitting "save link as..." That seems to be working for me even when left-clicking doesn't. 


Air's note to Monty--try saving it without changing the size of the pages in the pdf. The file just wants to be large and in your face.



Major Edits

Ian: The New Wave

Nykki: Mise en Scene in 2001 A Space Odyssey

Sam: Framing

Monty: Camera Movement in 12 Angry Men 

William:The Grand Illusion

Air: Symbolic Objects (I beg your forgiveness Sean)


Major Edits due 11.12

Ian: French realism

Air: 2001 Page

Sam: Hal

Nykki: Interpretations of 2001

Ideological implications of films

Kathryn: If its alright more with Narrative Structure in 2001.



Ian did his on Exterminating Fetuses: Abortion, Disarmament, and the Sexo-Semiotics of Extraterrestrialism

Monty: 2001: A Space Odyssey

Air did her original page on HAL.

Will did his original page on Interpretations of 2001

Sam did his on Editing in 2001: A Space Odyssey

Nykki did hers on Mise en Scene in 2001 A Space Odyssey

Tony did his on Stanley Kubrick

Kathryn :Narrative Structure (Repetitions) in 2001


New Pages due 11.10

William: Color in Holy Mountain

Tony: Occult symbolism in Holy Mountain

Kathryn: Alejandro Jodorowsky

Monty: Color

Air: Optical trickery in film

Nykki: Narrative analysis (story/discourse) (plot/story)

Ian: American sixties counterculture (analytical emphasis)

Sam:  The Holy Mountain


Major Edits Due 11/5

Nykki: her future 2001 page

Air: symbolic objects

Ian: New Wave

Sam: Framing

William: Grand Illusion

Tony: Kubrick

Monty:  Camera movement in 12 Angry Men



Major Edits for 10.29

Air: more on Messianic themes in Metropolis

Ian: symbolics of objects

Tony will look around

Kathryn: German Expressionism

Monty: Sound in 12 Angry Men

Sam: Editing in Birth of a Nation

Nykki: working on the Acting page


Note to Air, from Ian: Thank you bunches for the very kind gift of your major edit.  I'll do my very best to give your page the respect, reverence, and detailed attention it so richly deserves :)

Note to Ian, from Air: Hey no problem I am sure you'll make the page so much more. Hope you get better soon!



New Pages:

Acting in 12 Angry Men -Nykki

Editing in The Birth of a Nation - Sam

Symbolism of Objects in Cinema - Air

Character Development-Will

Sidney Lumet - Tony

12 Angry Men- Kathryn

Sound: 12 Angry Men - Monty

Camera Movement in 12 Angry Men- Ian


New Pages due 11.3

2001: Monty

Kubrick: Tony

Sofia's article: Ian

Cool mise-en-scene in 2001: Nykki

HAL: Air

Narrative structure of film (repetitions): Kathryn

Conflicting interpretations of 2001: William

Editing in some specific scene: Sam


Alright so the library did not have the movie 2001... to watch when I went and tried to get it for the screening, thusly.....the screening did not happen. The only copy was checked out so I hope we can try to find a way to watch it again or something. Sorry guys but I did all I could. Did someone forget to turn it back in? I checked online and it said that the item was "missing". What does that even mean? Anyways I guess we will figure this out in class.




Major Edits due tonight:

-Ian on Auteur Theory

-Sam on Depth Of Field

-William did his major edit on Framing :D

-Nykki worked on the Continuity Editing page again

-Monty added the Diegetic and Non-Diegetic sound page to Sound in Film and will

     be doing more with the clips when i acquire them.

Kathryn did hers on The Grand Illusion but forgot to put it here, sorry.



Air's note- Sorry I couldn't make it to class today, my partner is having some family issues that I needed to be home/with her for. But as for today, are we doing still doing orignal pages tonight because I can't for the life of me remember. If not, I'm going to work on the blackface page now because it needs lots of love. Thanks guys, see you Thursday.


Air--no new pages for tonight. We've assigned you one for next week, though. Hope your partner's ok. --Sean


Major edits due 10.22

Auteur Theory: Ian

Framing: William

Continuity Editing: Nykki

Depth of Field: Sam

Metropolis itself: Tony

Grand Illusion: Kathryn

Sound: Monty

Blackface: Air


New Pages due 10.27

Acting in 12 Angry Men: Nykki

Character development (in 12 Angry Men?): William

Symbolism of objects in cinema: Air

Sound in 12 Angry Men: Monty

Editing in Birth of a Nation: Sam

Lumet: Tony

12 Angry Men: Kathryn 

Camera movement in 12 Angry Men: Ian



New Original Pages:

Camera Movement in La Grande Illusion - Nykki

Fritz Lang - Monty

Messianic Themes in Metropolis - Air

Sam now knows why Jessica is no longer in the class - the Film Narrative page

William had his page done but forgot to link it here until now! sorry guys

he did Metropolis

Tony did German Expressionism (forgot to link)

Ian did Auteur Theory

Kathryn :Expressionist mise-en scene in Metropolis.



- Ian will talk about  The Battleship Potemkin page, and maybe the Parallel Editing page.

- Nykki will talk about the Lillian Gish and/or the Georges Méliès page

- Kathryn: Blackface.

- Air will blather on about either Actualities or Set Design and Locations.

- Sam on Framing and Soviet Montage... and might justify the weak editing page

-William did his on Acting 



Major edits due tonight:

-Sam on the Ideology in Film page (the second clip could be shortened, but I'm not sure if that can be done from youtube and it doesn't give me times on the DVD to request a clip with)

Tony did his on Cinematic Responses to Fascism

Air did hers on Jean Renoir

Ian did his on Queer Cinema

Nykki added to the Camera Movement page

Monty broke up and expanded French Cinema

Kathryn worked on Class in Film Hope it's alright, I did this without permission



Air's Note: I'm sort of using the article "Cocteau's Beauty & The Beast: The Poet as Monster" from last week to work on my page for tonight and I completely forgot the author of said article. If any of you, my fine fellow classmates could tell me the author's name that would be wonderful. Thanks! Also I need the clip of the beast proposing to Beauty the second time, I think its between 46:27 to 46:40.


Sam's response: I think it's.... Michael Popkin? That's the name at the end of the essay... so I'm gonna say that's it.

Sean: Yep, Sam's right. I'll have to grab that clip for Air as the disc's encrypted. Should be able to get it tomorrow.


Finished Original pages:

Ian FINALLY did his on Film Music

Air did her original page on Queer Cinema

Sam did his on Framing

Nykki did hers on Mise en Scene in La Belle et la Bete

Monty did his on Beauty and the Beast

Tony did his on Special Effects

Kathryn did hers on Jean Cocteau

William did his on Depth Of Field 


Pages due 10.13.09

Tony: German Expressionism 

William: Metropolis 

Monty: Fritz Lang 

Air: Messianic themes in Metropolis 

Sam: Narrative

Ian: Auteur theory 


Nykki: camera movement in The Grand Illusion Kathryn: Expressionist mise-en-scene in Metropolis

 Jessica: relationship or either theater or literature to film



Major Edit pages

Ian did his major edit on Set Design and Locations

Air did her major edit on Film: "The Stuff"

Tony did MORE on Blackface

Sam slapped a couple more examples onto the Continuity Editing page

Nykki worked on the Lighting page 


Air's note: I changed the navigation for the Works Consulted page to something a little more logical like the alphabet. I'm going to go through and get rid of the other anchors on the page but in doing so I may screw up a few times. Just be aware that your sources may die or not actually go anywhere like the about.com link is now. I don't know what happened to it but the page made the link disappear after going back and forth between the source and the regular page. Maybe this is an issue with the wiki? Gremlins in the computers?


Major Edit Assignments for 10.8.09

Ian: Queer Cinema

Air: More on Jean Renoir

Nykki: More on camera movement

Monty: More on French cinema

Tony: More on cinematic responses to fascism

Kathryn: More on Class in film



Original page assignments for 10.6

* Beauty and the Beast--Monty

* Jean Cocteau--Kathryn

* Queer cinema so to speak--Air

* Depth of field--William

* Music--Ian

* Mise-en-scene in B & B--Nykki

* "Special effects"--Tony

* Camera position/magnification--"framing"--Sam

* Narrative--Jessica


Original Pages


Ian did his page on Sound in Film

Air did her page onJean Renoir

Nykki did hers on Camera Movement 

William did his page on The Grand Illusion

Sam did his for Bazin on The Grand Illusion

Tony did his on Cinematic Responses to Fascism

Monty did his on French Cinema

 Hope they help! --Nykki 

 Those help a ton thanks! I can't believe I couldn't find them.

-I think it should be decided that Nykki deserves some sort of award for general awesome-ness and industry.



Ian's Note: I tried to use a custom font for the title of the wiki, but it seems to be reverting back to a decidedly not-exciting font instead.  Sorry for messing things up...I'll find a way to get the old silver logo back.   

     -Sam's comment: I dunno, I kinda like it this way. It's... classy.

          -Nykki: like ron burgundy....    

               all kidding aside I too like the way it looks now, either works though!

     -Monty: by the way it was a picture I made so you really can't put it back up without my files or reverting to 

          a previous version, but if everyone likes this there's no reason too.

And by Orpheus I'm Sure Sean really means The Beauty and the Beast. Although if you'd like to watch Orpheus I'd be more than happy to lend you my copy of the film.



Major Edit assignments that we all blew off till tonight:

- Sam: is gonna try to do one on the parallel editing page.

- Air is going to work on the aesthetics of the Griffith clip.

- William is going to work on Mise en Scene.

- Nykki is going to work on the continuity editing page.

- Ian will work on The Battleship Potemkin page (I didn't ask for permission to work on my own page...apologies all around).

     - Nykki votes that working on your own page is A-ok! Go for it!

- Jessica did her major edit on the Acting page.

-Tony added and edited information on the Eisenstein page.


Major edit assignments (due 10.1)

-Kathryn: Thomas Edison

-Sam: Potemkin

-Lighting: Nykki

-Tony: Still more on blackface

-Ian: Set Design

-Air: Death of film

-William: Continuity editing



Pages due next week on the 29th

-The Grand Illusion: William

-Jean Renoir: Air

-Class in film: Kathryn

-Sound: Ian

-Narrative style: Jessica

-French Cinema: Monty

-Camera Movement: Nykki

-Responses to fascism: Tony

-Bazin on Grand Illusion: Sam


New pages due October 22nd

Lighting by William

Film: "The Stuff" by Nykki

Set Design and Locations by Air

Soviet Montage by Sam

Ideology in Film by Jessica

The Battleship Potemkin by Ian

Sergei Eisenstein by Tony

Eisenstein"s Essay by Kathryn


Air's note:

Hey Everyone,

Should we always do a page on the current genre of film we are watching or no? Like for this week we'd be doing a page on the Soviet Montage of Einstein or will that be taken care of with the three pages dedicated to him? Im just thinking that the actualities page might be a little lonely as the only film genre we've covered, especially if we've passed on the cool things happening in Russia, Germany and France during the pre-war years.


Jessica's note about Air's note:

I think that's a totally brill idea!


Ian's note about Air's note in response to Jessica's note: 

I second the above brill- it's a really good idea.


William's note in responce to Ian's comment refering to Jessica's reference to Air 

It sounds brilliant.



Jessica did her major edit on Kinetoscope



Ian completed the major edit on Gunning

Air took on Actualities for her major edit

Nykki did her ME working on the Melies page

TJ did his ME on the Blackface page

William did his major edit on Lumière brothers Film examples

Major edit on Edwin Porter Kathryn


Major edits: (Next Week)

Jessica - Acting




Continuity Editing

Parallel Editing (Cross-Cutting) 

Lillian Gish 

The Birth of a Nation 

Axis of Action 



David Llewelyn Wark Griffith


Hey yalls, I found a great website that is somewhat what we are trying to do here. Check it out


New pages for next Tuesday:

     Kathryn: Eistenstein's essay

     Tony: Esienstein

     Ian: Potemkin

     Jessica: Film as ideology

     Soviet Montage: Sam (Film History)

     Nykki: The Stuff

     William: lighting (mise-enscene)

     Monty: Cinematography

     Air: Set design/location (mise-en-scene)


Possibility: history of trailer


Major Edit Assignments:

     Air on Actualities

     Ian political implications of Gunning

     William Lumiere bros. examples

     Nykki: Melies ditto

     Kathryn: More on Porter

     Tony: ?

     Sam: A Trip to the Moon

     Jessica: ?

     Monty: ?  



Major edits:

Air on Actualties...

William on Lumiere brother film examples...




Edwin Stanton Porter

Georges Méliès 

Thomas Edison 

A Trip to the Moon

The Lumière Brothers


Film Editing

The Cinema of Attraction  

Movie Technology

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