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Mise en Scene

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Directly translated from French mise-en-scene means "putting on stage".  It was originally used to describe theater sets but much like the actors who crossed over to film so did their vocabulary. With film making, the mise-en-scene is literally whatever you see on screen from the lighting, sets and even music, which can either be diagetic or no, adds to "the articulation of cinema space" (userpages.umbc.edu: mise-en-scene). The mise-en-scene is all in ecompashing of a film. Everything from what color a wall should be to the movement and positions of the actors on the screen, a method called blocking, is dictated by the mise-en-scene. a method called blocking.



An overriding definition for mise-en-scene doesn't exist. According to wikipedia's article on mise-en-scene, "[it is a] grand undefined term,' but that is not because of a lack of definitions. Rather, it's because the term has so many different meanings that there is little consensus about its definition"(Wikipedia: Mise-en-scene). The definitions of mise-en-scene variary from "Things other than dialogue to tell a story" (Youtube: 4 minute Film school), to "all elements of visual style—that is, both elements on the set and aspects of the camera" (Wikipedia: Mise-en-scene) to "take[ing] on mystical meanings related to the emotional tone of a film" (Wikipedia: Mise-en-scene).  The best definition that I encountered was that " Mise-en-scène can be defined as the articulation of cinematic space, and it is precisely space that it is about...the shot is about what occurs in a defined area of space, bordered by the frame of the movie screen and determined by what the camera has been made to record. That space, the mise-en-scène, can be unique, closed off by the frame, or open, providing the illusion of more space around it" (userpages.umbc.edu: mise-en-scene).



Interpretation of the Mise-en-scene



Nosferatu's Mise en Scene





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 We should make a Blocking page.

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