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Film History and Aesthetics Wiki

A Project of Film 110: Introduction to Film History and Aesthetics at Westminster College

By: Air Dupaix, Kathryn Hansen, Jessica Knight, Nykki Montaño, William Palm, Monty Risenhoover, Tony Rivas, Ian Stephens, and Sam Webster



Remember: The wiki freezes at midnight on December 14. That's an absolute deadline.


Air's note: Hey guys I'm going through and fixing the format for pages, it looks scary I know but its all for the greater good. I am not messing with any text whatsoever so really there is no need to worry.


Everybody go look at Nykki's Physical Metamorphosis in Howl's Moving Castle page. It is fantastic.



Clip Requests 



Tony could also benefit from this same clip :)


Announcements, etc



The ugly Wiki Maintenance and Major Edit grades for 11.20-12.3 are up.



Wiki Maintenance and Major Edit grades are up. It was, um, a slow week.



Here and here are two readings for Tuesday. We will also talk about the fate of the wiki





Pages that need a little TLC

Air: Cinema Novo


New Orginal Pages for 12.8

Ian: The Character of Narrative in Howl's Moving Castle 

Nykki: Physical Metamorphosis in Howl's Moving Castle

Sam: Western Qualities of Howl's Moving Castle

Tony: Disney & HMC

Air: Environmental Issues in Howl's Moving Castle

Kathryn: Anime


Major edits due 12.3.09

Ian: Dew article

Tony: "Dream sequence"

Air: BR version history

Kathryn:Depictions of the Future in film

Nykki: Film Noir in Audition

Sam: Lighting in Blade Runner


Pages Due 12.8.09

Miyazaki: Monty

Howl's Moving Castle: William

Environmental Issues in HMC: Air

Anime (Japanese animation): Kathryn

Physical metamorphosis in HMC: Nykki

Narrative structure: Ian

Disney's role in HMC: Tony

Western quality: Sam


New Original Pages for 12.1

Ian: Film Noir in Audition

Nykki: The "Dream Sequence" in Audition

Tony: Audition 

Air: 'Asia Extreme', Oliver Dew and Japanese Cinema

Kathryn:Gender Politics in Audition

Sam: Societal Commentary in Audition

Monty: Japanese Horror


New Original Pages for 11.17

Ian:Film Noir

Nykki: Lighting in Blade Runner

Air: The Replicants

Tony: Bladerunner: Version History

Will:The Portrayal of the Future, in Film

Sam: Allusions in Blade Runner

Kathryn: Desser Article

Monty: Blade Runner


Major edits due 11.19

Air: Cinema Novo

Ian: The Replicants

William: Lighting in Blade Runner

Tony: Film Noir

Nykki: Mise-en-Scene in 2001

Sam: Allusions in Blade Runner

Monty: Narrative analysis

Tony: Film Noir

Kathryn: Expressionist mise-en scene in Metropolis


New pages due 12.1

Tony: Audition

Ian: Editing in Audition

Kathryn: Gender politics in Audition

William: Miike

Air: Dew article

Monty: Japanese horror

Nykki: "Dream sequence"

Sam: Society/film



Major Edits Due Tonight:

Ian wrote his on Film Music

Sam wrote his on HAL

Nykki added to Interpretations of 2001

Air worked on 2001: A Space Odyssey

Monty: Fritz Lang

Tony: Color in The Holy Mountain

Crap! I forgot to post this here William did his on Color in The Holy Mountain


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